Innoedu is an EdTech company that focuses on creating and promoting adaptable software solutions specifically designed to meet the distinct requirements of the education sector.

Our mission is to support educational providers all over the world to successfully digitalize their educational activities and successfully implement new digital business models.

Our clients

Governmental  Organizations
Governmental Organizations
Accreditations  Centers
Accreditations Centers
Private Educational  Providers
Private Educational Providers

Our products

Your online academy solution

Webuni is a cloud-based, modular software framework that enables professional education providers to offer different forms of educational products and services digitally. Webuni is a white label solution that is highly customizable and configurable, it covers the whole spectrum of activities, end to end of offering educational products online.

  • Creation, publishing & booking of courses
  • Payment and invoice handling & execution of various training formats
  • Trainer and participant administration & communication
  • certificate management
active students worldwide
our courses developed and organized succesfully
million EUR turnover generated for clients
Your digital examination and proctoring tool

A cloud-based, modular software framework enables professional education providers to digitalize the whole spectrum of their examination processes. Webxam enables to realize secured exams in both online and offline environments. From the application process to exam creation, through correction until the creation of certificates, including payment transactions takes place within the system.

  • AI proctoring (Eye tracking, face and voice recognition)
  • Process automation from application until result communication
  • Supporting wide range of browsers, desktop and mobile application
  • 100% computer monitoring by software and 360° Proctoring by camera
yearly organized exams
item types
proctored exams in a year

Competitive advantages


Our systems are built on a modular framework, consisting of several modules, that are constantly developed. We do not provide an “off the shelf” system, like most of our competitors, but we tailor our platforms to our client needs: individualizing the interfaces, embedding the system into the infrastructure of our clients, developing individual processes, integrate existing client softwares (ERP, CRM, finance, reporting, bookkeeping, etc.).

This way we are able to provide highly customized solutions for our clients for a fraction of the cost, risk and delivery time of an individual development.
Digital Business Models

We have experience and in practice knowledge of different educational digital business models: We support our clients internationally in launching and running their digital business models in the education industry. Thus we constantly improve our system with new features, have a constantly developing knowledge of business trends and marketing. We closely monitor the demand of end-users and have a vast amount of experience in various industries and on various markets. We are not a software provider, but a solution provider.


Andras Pakucs
Andras Pakucs
CEO, Founder
10 years of experience in international online educational & digital businesses Entrepreneur with proven track record
Jeanine Bönsel, MBA
Jeanine Bönsel, MBA
Business development and partnerships, cofounder
10+ years of leadership in the educational sector
Tamas Harangozo
Tamas Harangozo
Chief of product development and operations
10+ years of designing & managing digital education projects and leading innovation
Marcell Zambo, MBA
Marcell Zambo, MBA
Finance & investor relations
10 years of experience in international online educational & digital businesses Entrepreneur with proven track record
David Nagy, MSC
David Nagy, MSC
Technology Lead
10+ years in software development
Csaba Kiraly
Csaba Kiraly
Technology Lead
10+ years in software development specialising in edtech solutions
Daniel Fierz
Daniel Fierz
Project Lead
5+ years of experience of managing edtech projects.
About our team

25 edtech & technology experts
Offices in Zürich & Budapest
Avg. age: 30 years

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